Round Robin Scheduler 5.1.7

Round Robin Scheduler 5.1.7: Quickly create round robin schedules for all sports. The Round Robin Scheduler has been designed to help you quickly create round-robin schedules for your sports organization. Some of the features include multi-division scheduling; prioritized field usage; prioritized day and time usage; field sharing; automatic schedule generation; standings support; sophisticated conflict resolution for rescheduling games; contact and sponsor management; and powerful print reports and export capabilities.

Round-Robin Mailer 8.0: Windows software for distributing email leads to a sales staff.
Round-Robin Mailer 8.0

Robin Mailer is designed to do exactly that. It connects directly to a POP3/IMAP4 mail server, reads all email, and forwards each one to a member of the staff in a rotating fashion. Because we understand how important leads are, Round-Robin Mailer is designed for maximum reliability. It is guaranteed to never lose an email. Other features include statistical reporting, archiving, staff scheduling and favoritism, and a rules-based system for handling

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Batman and Robin puzzle 1.0: Batman and Robin character puzzle. Lovely 35 piece puzzle with full controls
Batman and Robin puzzle 1.0

The Batman and Robin character puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle with 35 pieces. It has full in-game controls including rotating the pieces. If you`re a beginning or intermediate level puzzle solver you should enjoy this puzzle. The figure you are assembling is that of Catwoman.

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Game Time 16: GameTime Scheduler automatically builds round robin game schedules in seconds.
Game Time 16

GameTime Scheduler automatically builds round robin game schedules in seconds for any division. It handles intramural or travel team schedules. GameTime will schedule up to 30 teams at a time, yet there is virtually no limit to the number of teams that it can handle since you can combine as many division schedules as you like. GameTime selects days, times, fields and officials for each game while honoring any special exceptions you require.

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Adventures of Batman & Robin 1.0

The SNES version is developed and published by Konami. The action takes Batman to an amusement park and other places where supercriminals do their nasty work. Nintendo Power criticized the game for not giving Robin a more active role (the game was actually under development before the series was retitled).

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Teenage Lawnmower 1.09: Make money mowing lawns while helping your troubled family solve its problems.
Teenage Lawnmower 1.09

You`re seventeen and your life is a living hell. Between your alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend you`ve got nowhere to go until one day the glistening metal exterior of the family lawn mower catches your eye and changes your destiny forever. Become an entrepreneur and change your fate in this humorous story based 3d simulation by Seth A. Robinson, the twisted mind behind Funeral Quest and Dink Smallwood.

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Home or Away League Scheduler 10.0: Schedule round robin sports leagues with up to 100 teams per division
Home or Away League Scheduler 10.0

Home or Away League Scheduler creates fair round-robin league schedules for any sporting competition, with up to 100 teams per division. Schedules are balanced with equal numbers of home and away games and fair distributions of times and locations. Dates are controlled with a flexible calendar to cater for holidays etc.

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